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Bottle Unscramblers

AMSY's bottle unscramblers sort plastic bottles and place them onto a conveyor belt. Bottles can be transferred form blow molding machines, bottle storage or from boxes/bags received from suppliers. Our plastic bottle unscramblers are perfect for any type of application, handling cylindrical, square, conical bottles, containers with central or offset neck positions, handles or other irregular shaped bottles.

Sample Product Images

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Fast changeovers

AMSY's bottle unscramblers are idea for companies with more than 1 type of bottle as changeovers are quick, simple and economical. In many cases similar bottles can be handled without any new parts, just by making a few adjustments in the setup.

Automatic bottle orientation

In some applications bottles have to be rotated, oriented in a specific way. This might be the case with an asymmetric container or one having a handle. Our secondary orientation system ensures that all bottles are facing in the right direction, even for high speed applications.


  • Performance

    bottle unscramblers can reach speeds up to 400-500 bottles / minute depending on bottle size and shape;
  • Reliability, robustness

    our equipment was designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Secondary orientation

    the secondary orienting unit ensures that all bottles are traveling on the conveyor with correct orientation;
  • Running multiple bottles on the same machine

    with the use of changeparts our bottle unscramblers can handle your complete range of bottles;
  • Simple, no-tools changeovers

    changeovers are fast and require no tools;
  • PLC control

  • Optional features

    depending on your requirements, we have additional features available such as bottle cleaning unit, hopper/elevator, top loading units, etc.;

Optional features

  • Bottle cleaning unit

  • Large bottle hopper with elevator

  • Top feeding belt, etc.

Equipment Images

Tallman: Compact design w/ ionized air cleaner and hopper/elevator Touch screen operation, PLC control Test running (over 300 BPM with 750 ml bottles)