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Pouch Machine

Our pouch machines are ideal for making small or medium size pouches. Depending on your product or requirement, it can fill powder, liquid or tablets/capsules.


Pouch machine Pouch machine: pouch forming from film roll Pouch machine Sample pouches: filled with poder or liquid

How does it work?

The pouch machine makes the pouches from a roll of film. The roll is loaded on the machine and then fed through a series of supporting rollers. The machine folds the film in half and then seals the sides of the pouch. After this the pouches are cut to individual pieces and opened for filling. The feeding/dosing system fills each pouch, after which each pouch is sealed.

Dosing system: powder, liquid, tablets/capsules

We can supply the pouch machine with the dosing system for your specific product. The standard setup includes a powder/granule dosing unit, but in case of a liquid product, we replace it with a liquid filling system. If you want to pack tablets or capsules, we can supply the machine with a special tablet dosing system.

You can order the machine with more than 1 type of filling system, so that you could fill powder and liquid products on it as well.

Specifications, options

  • Minimum / maximum pouch size

    60 x 70 mm / 140 x 180 mm
  • Maximum mechnical speed

    60 pouches / min.
  • 3 or 4 side sealing

  • Precise, accurate filling options

  • Powder, granule dosing system

  • Liquid filling system

  • Tablet / capsule dosing system

  • Touchscreen operation

  • Simple to adjust

  • Robust design