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Tea Bagging Machine: EC-12C
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Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
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High Speed Tablet Counters
High Speed Tablet Counters
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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
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Powder Mixers

AMSY's powder and granule mixers are made for the pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and chemical industries. The mixers are available in different sizes, and made of stainless steel to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Closed system mixers

AMSY's new "closed system" design allows a dust-free environment around the mixer. The various components are filled into a pre-weighing station. From there a pneumatic conveyor transports the materials into the mixer, where the mixing and homogenization occurs. After this, the mixed product is discharged from the mixer into another reservoir.

Using this system, the components will not get outside of the system, resulting a dust-free environment.

Sizes, options, features

  • GMP

    we offer pharmaceutical grade mixers, following the GMP guidelines;
  • Heavy duty design

    mixers are built with a robust and sturdy frame. The frame is then bolted into the ground at the customer's site;
  • Simple operation

    mixers are simple to operate;
  • Easy cleaning

    mixers are easy to clean;
  • Various mixer sizes

    we manufacture mixers from 75 - 6000 liters in size;
  • Mixing tools

    different products requre different type of mixing tools (standard, toothed, blade-type, etc.);
  • Liquid injection

    our system allows programmed liquid injection into the mixing area, for products that require it;
  • Choppers


Powder Mixer Powder Mixer