Tea Packing: EC-12
Tea Packing: EC-12B
Tea Packing: EC-12C
Tea Packing: EC-12T
Loose tea packing
OW 60: overwrapping machine
Bottle Unscrambler
Liquid Filling
Honey Filling
Acid Filling
Linear Cappers
Rotary Cappers
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
Complete Tablet Counting Lines
High Speed Tablet Counters
High Speed Tablet Counters
High Speed Tablet Counters
Auger Fillers
Rotary Powder Fillers
Tabletop Powder Filler
Powder Mixers
HFFS machine (for pouches)
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
Industrial Vacuum Cleaners
4 lane feeder
Multihead feeder
Tabletop Tablet Counter
Semi Automatic Tablet Counter
Tabletop Powder Filler
Tabletop Labeler
Filter Tea Filling and Loose Tea Packing
Машины для фасовки чая в чайные пакетики, чаеупаковочные машины
  • Loose tea filling into bags (250g, 500g, 1kg, etc.)
  • Filling tea packing into filter tea bags (with thread and tags)
  • Overwrapping of boxes
  • Shrink Wrapping, Cartoning, Group Packing
Complete Liquid Filling Solutions
Система розлива жидкостей

Liquid Filling Solutions

  • Complete liquid filling systems
  • Linear design with fast, easy change-over
  • Accurate filling
  • Checkweighers, rejections systems
  • Unscramblers, fillers, rejection systems, cappers, induction sealers, labelers, inkjet coders, check weighers , shrink wrappers, case packers
  • We fill: Household chemicals, viscous food items, insecticides, syrups, water, vinegar, pharmaceutical products, cosmetical products, oils, acids, candles, specialty liquids


  • Complete liquid filling lines
  • Bottle Unscramblers
  • Secondary orienting units
  • Liquid Fillers
  • Cappers
  • Labelers
  • Induction Sealers
  • Inkjet Coders
  • Check Weighers
  • Control and Rejection Units
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Case Packers
Pharmaceutical Equipment, Powder Filling
Фармацевтическое упаковочное оборудование
  • Complete tablet counting systems
  • Plastic bottle unscramblers
  • Electronic tablet counting equipment
  • Auger Fillers
  • Cotton inserter
  • Automatic capper with cap sorter
  • Induction sealer
  • Labeling system
  • Booklet inserter
  • Automatic cartoner
  • Shrink wrapper
  • Code reader and code verification systems
  • Quality control and rejection units