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Vertical Pouch/Bag Machine (for small and large bags)

The vertical pouch machine can be used to make a wide range of pouches bags from small sizes to large. Depending on the specific need, it can be used to fill powders, granules, bulk products, tablets, capsules or even liquids. The dosing unit can be swapped, so the same machine can also fill multiple types of products.


Vertical Pouch Machine, with powder filling unit Powder/granule in a bag: block bottom or pillow bag Tea in a block bottom bag Snacks in a block bottom bag

How does it work?

The vertical pouch machine uses a roll of film to form the bags from. The film is fed through a series of rollers and then fed into the bag forming unit. Servo driven belts pull the film and the bag is formed. After this the product is filled into the bags, and the the bag is sealed. The machine is PLC controller and the production parameters are adjustable on a touch-screen display.

Feeding, dosing units: for powders, loose products, bulk products, tablets, liquids

The machine can be equipped with different types of dosing systems. It can be ordered with our servo auger filler to fill powders and granules. For loose products (such as long leaf tea, chips, gummi bears, etc.) we can install our combination weigher on it. It can also be equipped with a tablet counter or a liquid filling unit.

Specifications, options

  • Minimum / maximum bag width

    50 - 350 mm
  • Maximum bag length

    300 - 350 mm
  • Maximum speed

    60 - 100 bags / min., depending on configuration and the product
  • Pillow bag production

  • Block bottom bag production

  • Wide range of filling/dosing devices are available for it

  • Powder or granule filling unit

  • Tablet / capsule filling unit

  • Combination weigher for loose or bulk products

  • Liquid filling unit

  • Touchscreen control

  • Robust

  • Simple setup an operation