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EC 12/C: with Heat-sealed Hermetic outer envelope

EC 12/C is the extended model which produces up to 120 tea bags per minute with string and tags attached, packed into a hermetically sealed outer film envelope. The tea bags are then placed into boxes in units of 20 or 25.

The tea is filled into a single chamber tea bag. The bag itself is formed from heat-sealable filter paper. Simultaneously tags are attached to the thread, while the other end of the thread is attached to the filter bag without the use of any staples or glue. The thread is then wound around the tea bags. Envelopes are formed from a roll of film and the tea bags are individually placed inside the envelopes.

The completed filter tea bags are grouped in 20 or 25 piece lots. The groups are inserted in upright position and automatically placed in either 25, 50 or 100 count boxes (in 1, 2 or 4 rows).


EC-12C tea bag and outer foil envelope EC-12C foil envelopes, coffee EC-12C sample products EC-12C sample products EC-12C sample tea boxes EC-12C sample tea box, overwrapped EC-12C tea bagging machine

Features and advantages

  • High Performance

    the EC 12/C will output up to 120 teabags/minute;
  • Reliability

    the EC 12 Series tea bagging machinery has a long, stable development base, which will ensure high reliability and minimal downtime;
  • Simplicity

    the operation of our equipment is simple and is also quick to learn;
  • Economic to Operate

    it is one of the most un-expensive tea bagging machines in the market;
  • One operator

    one operator can operate the tea packer;
  • Accessories to ease your work

    you can add conveyors, pneumatic feeders, spiral-tube feeders, auger fillers and weight scales and even custom built equipment to ease your production and to make it more efficient;


Service, technical support

AMSY provides full service and technical support for all of its equipment.